Zola is a culmination of Gina Joseph’s passions and creative ideas about jewellery. It draws from my many inspirations and appreciation of art, architecture and culture of India; the vibrant colours, textures, rich cultural heritage and folklore, fine workmanship and seamless Indian beauty.

Zola as a brand allows rural & folk artisans to express themselves through wearable art and is a voice that narrates their stories to the world, thereby allowing them to realize sustained economic empowerment by conducting regular design Intervention and Innovation workshops and introducing new materials, processes and technologies in jewellery design. In the past two years, Gina has worked with Dhokra and Pattachitra from Orissa, Toda embroidery from Tamilnadu, Wall Mural art and Aranmula mirror from Kerala and Leather puppetry from Andhra Pradesh.

“I am part crafts revivalist and part jewellery designer. I collaborate with rural and folk artisans across India to give their art (which are losing their prominence or dying) and give the arts a new life through a contemporary form and expression. With each piece of Zola, you wear thousands of years of history, folklore and experiences and stories of artisans from rural India” - Gina Joseph

Prior to starting up Zola, Gina was a media professional with over 7 years of experience spanning across advertising and journalism. With no prior jewellery design training or experience, Gina started with her first Dhokra workshop in 2014 and there has been no looking back since. Gina’s educational credentials include a Visual communication degree from Loyola college, a PG Diploma in Arts Management from Dakshinachitra and a certificated program, Crafting Luxury and Lifestyle Businesses from IIM Ahmedabad.

Gina also writes a column in New Indian Express Indulge about the differences and similarities between crafts and the rich cultural heritage of our country.

Our Collections

  • Toda Collection

    Cascading Necklaces Inspired By Tribal Body Art

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    Toda Collection

  • Dhokra Collection

    Tradition Meets Modern In This Classic Odisha Art

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    Dhokra Collection

  • Leather Collection

    Ancient Stories From A Scroll To Necklace

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    Leather Collection

  • RecycleArt Collection

    A Twist To Classic Indian Handwoven Textiles

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    RecycleArt Collection

  • Kerala Mural Collection

    From The Temple Walls To A Necklace

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    Kerala Mural Collection

  • The Konark Collection

    Exclusive Stories Painted To Adorn You

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    The Konark Collection

  • Kenyan Safari Collection

    Ceramic Handcrafted Wild Beauties Of Africa

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    Kenyan Safari Collection

  • Kenyan Safari Collection

    From Sand To Silver Intricate Inlay Jewellery

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    Bidri Collection